Fred Kingdom: Research Grants


Current research grants

2012-2017 CIHR (Canada) Operating Grant, $C371,570
2012 McGill/MUHC Bridge Fund, $C35,000
2011-2016 NSERC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C280,000
2010-2012 FQRNT (Quebec) Operating Grant, $C146,000 with M. Langer (P.I.) & C. Baker

Past research grants

2007-2012 CIHR (Canada) Operating Grant, $C327,125
2011 NSERC (Canada) Equipment Grant, $C26,322
2006-2010 NSERC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C164,050
2003-2009 CIHR (Canada) Training Program Grant $C1,440,000. With 18 collaborators
2008 McGill-Japan Visiting Scholar Award $C4,800
2006 NSERC (Canada) Equipment Grant, $C17,000
2001-2006 CIHR (Canada) Operating Grant, $C350,669
2001-2005 NSERC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C185,000
2001 NSERC (Canada) Equipment Grant, $C21,910
1998-2001 MRC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C160,000
1997-2001 NSERC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C120,400
1996 NSERC (Canada) Equipment Grant, $C11,374
1995-1998 MRC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C132,838
1994-1997 NSERC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C60,000
1992-1993 MRC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C132,616
1992 NSERC (Canada) Operating Grant, $C108,000 Award not taken up because of MRC award
1992 NSERC (Canada) Equipment Grant, $C24,873 Award not taken up because of MRC award
1992 MRC (Canada) Scholarship Operating Grant, $C15,000
1992 Louis Johnson Foundation Equipment Grant, $C15,224
1991-1992 Royal Victoria Hospital Research Institute (Montréal) Frazer award. $C27,500
1990-1994 SERC (UK) Project grant. With P.I. Prof. B. Moulden, 87,000 pounds sterling (equiv. $C184,000)
1989-1992 Wellcome Trust (UK) Project grant. With P.I. Dr K. Mullen. 80,000 pounds sterling (equiv. $C176,000)

Note: all grants are awarded solely in my name unless otherwise specified, and no overheads are paid from Canadian research grants.


Scholarships & awards

1992-1997 Medical Research Council (Canada), $C51,500 pa.
1991-1994 McGill Medical Faculty (Frazer, Monat & McPherson), $C30,000 pa. Not taken up because of MRC award