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Welcome Raffles Zhu

I am excited to announce that Raffles Zhu joined the Baldwin Vision Lab as a graduate student as of Fall 2021. Raffles will be co-supervised by the MVR director Robert Hess.

My name is Raffles Xingqi Zhu and I am a first-year Masters student in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN). Prior to joining Dr. Baldwin’s lab, I completed a bachelor of science in physics with a concentration in biophysics at McGill. In my undergraduate years, I was fortunate to have worked on various research projects at the interface of biological and physical sciences, ranging from constructing phylogenetic trees to studying diffusion of nanoparticles. After I stumbled upon a neuroscience course, I grew interested in the field and decided I want to pursue graduate studies in visual neurosciences. My masters project will have a basic component involving the study of blur perception and a clinical component that aims to unravel the basis of visual deficits experienced by patients with amblyopia. In my free time, I enjoy doing photography and hiking outdoors.