Mina gheiratmanD

        Email: mina.gheiratmand@mail.mcgill.ca


        McGill Vision Research
        Rm H4.14, Royal Victoria Hospital,

        687 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Quebec,

        Canada, H3A 1A1

        Tel: +1 514 934 1934 Ext: 34753


I completed my PhD on orientation tuning in human color vision under the supervision of Professor Kathy Mullen at McGill Vision Research. My PhD thesis involved using psychophysics and mathematical modeling to determine orientation tuning properties of the red-green color vision system in the cortex. The relevance of this work is to help resolve the role of color vision in shape and form processing. The findings can further be used in computational models of object processing.

Prior to joining the biomedical engineering program at McGill, I obtained an MSc in biomedical engineering from the K.N.Toosi University of Technology and a BSc in electrical engineering with specialization in control systems from the University of Tehran, Iran.

My interest revolves around human brain function and its underlying systems. I am eager to further my knowledge in the field of brain imaging as an advanced and powerful tool to study the brain function under both normal and clinical conditions.

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Alberta Innovates Centre for Machine Learning at the department of Computing Science, University of Alberta. Please visit my new home page.